Integrated headset crown race


Nov 29, 2003
A question about installing an integrated headset onto a fork.

A friend bought a new frameset that included a fork and an integrated headset (Cane Creek IS-2). On inspection, we're slightly confused by the integrated headset. The crown race that usually sits on the flat part of the fork has a chamfered edge. Is this "normal" or did the headset come with a wrong crown race? Shouldn't the crown race be squared at that point so that it sits flat? All the other parts of the integrated headset fits fine (ie. cartridge bearing, compression rings, spacers, etc).

I've attached a photo of the crown race and fork to see what I'm referring to. Anyone with experience installing and setting up an integrated headset, please advise.

Thanks in advance.
Might that be the top race, and not the bottom one?? A lot of crown races these days have a little slit in them to make them easier to slide onto the crown - if it doesn't have the slit, it MIGHT be the top one, but I'm just guessing. This was the case with my Cane Creek hs that came with my Cannondale. The crown race was definately flat on one side and it sat flush with the crown when I seated it.

On second thought, you might want to check the cane creek/fsa headset section on their websites?
Thanks BB and Seren for the very useful information, especially the expanded view of the Cane Creek headset and weblink. This clarifies alot for me. Onwards with the bike build-up....