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    due to heavy business travel, customer escalations, and personal duties, I can not plan my trainings days/weeks ahead, and I can not attend group rides.
    So after few years, cycling alone got pretty boring. Well, I do the intervals alone anyway, but once/twice a week really miss some company.

    Finding bike colleagues on local bike forum is not easy:
    - periodically read all posts in the forum, just to find matching date/time/location: easy to overlook - no structured search in forum posts, + takes too much time
    - replies to private inquiries on forum (details about the ride, tempo, duration, exact gathering point..) received too late
    - changes to rides announced in the forum lead to confusion - e.g. one would read first post, but not the whole thread announcing new date, different route, etc.

    Hence the idea for a dynamic website, where users could announce their rides, and join already published activities.
    For instance, if I realize I could go for a ride tomorrow between 7-9am, I publish my planned route and anyone subscribed to routes around my area is notified.

    Website Goals

    Very simple GUI (minimize # of clicks for searching/creating the activity) – single screen, two sections:
    - map window: zoomable gmap showing matching sports activities (bike, run, hike, offering drive to ski resort)
    - edit window: display activity details upon mouse-over, join button, create new activity, update user profile
    Account required to create new activities and see activity details – main search window is public.
    Ideally, the main search window should be coded so that it can be easy embeddable in various sports forums/websites.

    I’m not a programmer, but managed to glue together various pieces of scripts from online examples:

    So far really basic functionality: create/modify/search/filter rides (if you give it a try, please do no delete entries created by other users).
    User management, notifications, subscription to closed groups/clubs, login with FB/Google accounts, embedded links to strava/bikemap routes, etc. … will follow.
    Also, the ride/activity attributes would be further redefined, even customized to specific group needs (sql backend database)

    Again, this is just a “mockup” to demo the idea - for production version I shall hire skilled programmer and paid web hosting.

    However, before investing more time/$:
    - does the overall idea sound useful?
    - would you actually use it?

    Any constructive feedback appreciated.