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    I had to stop competitive cycling (semi-pro) some time ago because a new orientation in my working career. Now I just would like to keep me fit and enjoy the sport of cycling in a different way. I am also very tempted to try some different training approaches. While looking for new ideas I saw this article:

    Now, I would like to start this regime for the next 12 weeks and look how I improve.. My question is if anyone has tried this training approach and if it was successfull or what you think about it..
    Basically my training week will look like this:

    Tue,Thur,Sat: Intervall Trainining as illustrated in the article (5-5*2-10*1-10*30``)
    We,Fri,Sun: I will do as I feel with as much L3 as I can manage without getting to tired

    Total Training time will be around 12h/week sometimes more, sometimes less..

    Now, I would be very interested if anyone has some comments on the interval training prescribed in the article above.. especially the exercise physiologists but also everyone else..

    Thanks in advance