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    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I am fairly new to cycling so I find myself learning something new everyday. And while most bike shops have been helpful in the area, I find it is a bit more of a crapshoot in terms of valued advice and not treating me like I am an idiot :) I am also hoping that by visiting more forums, I will get better tips and fuel my biking.

    I bought a road bike last summer and occasionally use it for commuting and the casual medium-distance bike ride (although I am sure our measures of medium distance varies greatly). It is a Focus Variado with a carbon fork and I am thoroughly enjoying the upgrade. In the idea of progress and maximizing the benefits, I am now looking to use clips (until now, I am simply using the toe clip for traction).

    I assumed my bike was ready for cycling shoes and cleats given that my pedals had the 3 holes. So last night, I went out and bought shoes and cleats. Installed them but sure enough, the pedal seems to defy the logic of clipping in with my shoes.

    Essentially, I have a combination toe clip and 3-hold pedal that does not seem to snap in (not to mention that the toe clip gets in the way).

    I am assuming therefore that I need to buy specific pedals. If so, is price a definite factor in quality and what should I be looking at when buying?

    And just out of curiosity, why would my pedal have 3 holes? What type of shoe would work in this case? I couldn't find anything in previous posts.

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    No clue 'what' type of pedal you have, but I'm guessing it is a conventional vertical cage plate or platform type designed for use with toe clips and possibly conventional (old style) cleats...the type that require the toe strap be pulled tight to secure the shoe to the pedal. If you purchase those type of cleats they will probably work with your existing pedal/toe clip setup, but not be clipless.

    A picture of your current pedals would be helpful.

    There are various cleat/pedal systems on the market and for the most part they are not interchangeable. The cleat must match the pedal although there are exceptions to that generalization.


    A Campagnolo pedal uses a Campagnolo cleat, a Look pedal uses a Look cleat, a Time pedal uses a Time cleat, etc.

    I'll go out on a limb and guess that you received your bike with some kind of generic bike shop 'throw away' pedals (Wellgo?)...perhaps like these?


    They have the 'three holes' that you mentioned. This type is not designed to be used with clipless type cleats. They can be fitted with toe clips and straps, but I don't think there are any old style conventional cleats that will work with this type. They are more of a road commuting or off road use pedal style.

    There is also a style of pedal that can be ridden without cleats (and with toe clips and straps if so desired) or with a clipless cleat similar to a shimaNO SPD style cleat. See link:!Y8rn3nhlgX9EXXOQ1df6mg!/Wellgo-WPD-95B-CliplessClip-Pedals?utm_source=FRGL&utm_medium=organic&gclid=CO7fl6DwxrgCFZFFMgodA2IAKA

    There's lots of brands and options. Any decent shop should be glad to give you a quick primer. If they treat you like an elsewhere.
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    I took my clip binding shoe clip pedal off my bike and put wellgo on. I only broke the pedal once. About two weeks ago. Its a simple thing to fix them.