Invite to San Francisco CRITICAL "Embedded" MASS (M28)

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    CRITICAL "Embedded" MASS (for those into alphanumerics -- "M28")

    We would like to roll out the red carpet -- unwrapped straight from the Oscars -- to all cyclists
    that would like to grace their presence in the world class city of San Francisco ("Baghdad by the
    Bay" as the late Herb Caen ironically called
    it) for the 127th happening of Critical Mass SF. We will be celebrating the bicycle as the mother of
    transportation weapons against oil addiction. The world media will again be on hand to watch the
    Mass ride and BE traffic. Forecast calls for pleasant weather and at least four to six aircraft
    watching the Mass BE traffic. It doesn't get any better than that, folks.

    We're honored to learn that "W" will also be on hand at the Mass. The proud and noble letter "W"
    that is. If you have a One Less Car t-shirt, "W's" will be handed out to be placed over all
    those "C's".

    Due to the heightened state of readiness -- remember, we're at code threat level pink polka dot, the
    girl scouts (local troop
    666) will be at JHP to provide force protection to the cyclists. We're proud to hear that the girls
    have all earned their merit badge for basic bike repair. At anytime you spot a problem with you
    bike, yell out, "I wanna buy cookies" and support will be their in a flash.

    We blush to hear that The Rand Corporation and the Monterrey Institute is getting easy money from
    the US Military to follow a bunch of Massers to learn the art of "swarming". We're smitten that we
    can't burn taxpayer dollars so frivolously too.

    At JHP, we will have the rechristening of the Chevron Super Tanker "Condoleeza Rice" (single-hull
    of course).

    Hey, why not look at these websites, too?

    Please note that Critical Mass is not organized by any group or organization. Critical Mass is NOT
    the Bike Messengers, the Bike Coalition, the Bike Ballet, the Bike Opera or even the Bike Symphony
    -- even though we do get a couple of well-heeled musicians playing Wagner on tandems occasionally.

    PS A definition for "embedded" --To fix firmly in a surrounding mass -- how appropriate!

    Start: 5-6pm Justin "Pee-Wee" Herman Plaza at the foot of Market St.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.