Iowa mandatory-use sidepath bill nears vote

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  1. This is the bill sponsored by a legislator that was angry that a group
    of road cyclists were operating on a roadway instead of a sidewalk
    path. I have placed the Real-Audio file of the opening remarks and
    bill description
    online at

    -Steve Goodridge

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    Republicans Peddle Anti-Bike Rider Legislation


    Please find attached an audio file, from the start of debate
    on Senate File 2032. After Senator Putney did opening
    comments, I deferred on the bill to file more amendments.

    The debate will start again tomorrow probably in the
    morning. If you have more amendment ideas send them to me.

    You can listen to live debate from the Senate when we are in
    session at

    Thanks to everyone for all the amendment ideas and help.



    Joe Bolkcom

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    bicycling bill to be debated - TODAY March 8, 2004

    Dear Friends,

    The Iowa Senate will take up debate this afternoon on Senate
    File 2032. This bill will restrict bicycles on certain Iowa
    divided highways.

    I am opposed to this bill and will be offering amendments in
    an attempt to kill
    it. I am not certain that this strategy is going to work.
    The Republicans seem determined to take the rights of
    cyclists away. This bill, if it passes, will make
    Iowa less safe for all cyclists on any state or
    county highway.

    So, I encourage each of you to contact your own senator
    IMMEDIATELY. You can find your senator's e-mail at For other interested persons, please
    e-mail Senate Majority Leader Iverson at
    [email protected]

    When the bill gets called up for debate, I intend to defer
    on it in order to prepare more amendments. So, the debate
    will go on tomorrow and later this week.

    Thank you for your help.

    Joe Bolkcom

    PS. I send out an interesting, brief, periodic legislative
    email newsletter. Let me know if you would like to
    receive it.