Iron Chelators as Cancer Chemotherapeutic Agents

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  1. 1: Cancer Invest. 2005;23(8):683-691. Links

    Cell Permeable Iron Chelators as Potential Cancer Chemotherapeutic

    Pahl PM, Horwitz LD.

    University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Department of Medicine,
    Denver, Colorado, USA.

    Iron is an essential micronutrient for the growth and function of all
    cells. It is, therefore, an attractive target for chemotherapeutic
    compounds. Numerous studies in vitro and in vivo provide evidence that
    iron chelators may be effective antitumor agents. Lipophilic iron
    chelators that are readily cell permeable and can bind intracellular
    iron stores may selectively kill cancer cells without damaging normal
    cells. In this review we discuss the role of iron in cellular processes
    and how these processes differ between normal and neoplastic cells. We
    also review the effects on normal and cancer cell growth of several
    lipophilic iron chelators.

    PMID: 16377587 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]


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