is a muddyfox rock n roll rage bike with £100 to fix up the old bike or spend £200 on a new bike?


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May 7, 2013

I love the feel of it but i am slightly embarrassed by it being full suspension because i am not sure if i like the look of it
i want to spend a lot on a road bike late next year anyway
what is going to be the best thing to do for keeping costs to a minimum but can i find a bike that feels ok for £200?
FWIW. While a person's aesthetic sensibilities certainly DO matter to varying levels for different riders AND while I don't have a clue what your 'muddyfox rock n roll rage' bike actually looks like, I have to tell you that the look of the bike really doesn't matter if you like the way it rides ...

So, if you think that £100 will cover the expenses for this-and-that to make your bike good-to-go for the next few years, then that is definitely the way 'I' would go.
I came to the same conclusion in the end I found the thought of buying a bike which I might not like the feel of was Impossible so I stuck with my full suspension bike because I love the feel of it Basically I agree with everything you said in your post Thanks!