Is Arthritis History?

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  1. Let's start with what happens to your body as you age. In your teen's and early 20's there is an
    abundance of growth hormone and this promotes the growth of muscles tendons and ligaments, and
    collagen is used as the building protein for this growth.

    When we get in to our mid twenties obviously the growth hormone diminishes and stops and the
    collagen produced by the liver is then used to promote healthy muscles and build existing muscles.

    However from the age of about 25 the amount of collagen produced by our bodies reduces at a rate of
    between 1 to 1 1/2% per annum. This means that by the age of 45 you have approximately 75% of the
    collagen in your body that is needed for optimum health.

    From a beauty therapists point of view you will be concerned about the reduction of collagen in the
    dermis but this represents only a small percentage of the collagen in our bodies.

    An area that it is equally beneficial for, is that of rebuilding connective tissues. With a
    reduction in collagen the connective tissues deteriorate and this makes it more difficult for
    transportation of toxins from the cells to the lymphatic system.

    It also impedes movement of nutrition and hydration that has a detrimental effect on the health and
    therefore the appearance of the skin and other cells.

    When the connective tissue breaks down and the body finds it more difficult to move toxins to
    the lymphatic system it only has one other alternative and that is to wrap the toxins in an
    envelope of fat.

    This manifests itself as cellulite in women and general overweight in men. Because the body is using
    fat as a protection it doesn't follow that the person has to be overweight for cellulite to form, in
    fact extremely slim people are just as much at risk of getting cellulite than overweight people e.g.
    Kylie Minogue.

    Taking an effective collagen supplement rebuilds the connective tissues, therefore allowing movement
    of toxins and fats for disposal and nutrition and hydration back to the cells for general health.

    Up until now the most common sources of Collagen have been derived from sharks, chickens and
    bovine. Plant collagen is very different to animal collagen and therefore has an extremely low
    absorption rate.

    Shark collagen from shark cartilage tends to be very expensive and although has some merit in cancer
    prevention, the absorbency rate for humans is still quite low.

    Collagen from chickens is quite a good source and this type is particularly suited to joint relief.

    Bovine collagen is the most potent and closest in type to our own. However the normal way to extract
    collagen is to remove it from the hide and check it for purity. It is then dried, added to a buffer,
    and put in capsules.

    Even though bovine source is the most potent producing capsules by this method, it still only ends
    up with a product that is 15% bioavailable (amount absorbed into the body).

    These types of collagen are now probably a thing of the past as a recent breakthrough now means you
    can get collagen tablets with a more than 95% absorbency rate to the body.

    The recent development of a Collagen Type 2 Tablet now means the lost cartilage can be replaced
    without surgery and it completely naturally rebuilds the connective tissues needed for a
    healthy body.

    There are many other collagen products on the market but it is due to the patented process that they
    produce their collagen through that sets it apart from anything else you could buy.

    They take the collagen and under pharmaceutically sterile conditions nourish the amino acid chains
    in the collagen so they start to grow.

    This whole process takes between 2 1/2 to 3 months, at this point the amino acid chain is as near as
    can be to our own and is readily absorbed in to the body giving over 95% absorbency making them
    about 6 times more potent than most of the best alternatives on the market.

    On taking these tablets you should therefore notice the following effects:

    Overall improvement of skin condition and texture Hydration of skin Reduction of fine lines and
    wrinkles Strengthening of nails Improvement of condition of hair Reduction of cellulite Conditioning
    of muscle tissue Gradual reduction of body fat

    Over and above these aesthetic improvements there is also an improvement in the general well being
    of joints and cartilage as collagen naturally includes glucosamine and chondroitin.

    This relieves arthritic pain very quickly and continued use will have the effect of "curing" your
    arthritis as the cartilage in your joints is replaced.

    Collagen was originally developed for arthritis treatment although in recent years it has been
    linked mainly to the health and beauty market where the only way to get pure collagen was by

    This development now means that everyone has an easy and accessible way of replenishing the collagen
    their body needs, which should mean that eventually arthritis will be history for a lot of people.

    If you want further information on how these Collagen Type 2 Tablets can eliminate your arthritic
    pain and rejuvenate your skin and body there is a website at which
    can answer all your questions.

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