Is it possible to get stuck seatpost out of carbon frame?

Bigbananabike said:
Here is the link;

If yes how?
Its my size & I wouldn't mind it!:)
FWIW. IMO, you can remove almost (yes, that's a qualifier) ANY stuck "pipe" from another ... there are definitely limitations.

So, if I were looking for a frame in that size & lived in NZ then I would certainly toss in a bid ...

The options are numerous depending on the actual reason the post isn't moving ...

First, is the seattube 'raw' CF or does it have an alloy sleeve ... and, is the particular seatpost alloy or CF?

Has the seatpost seized due to corrosion OR __?__?

There are all-is-not-lost last resort options in addition to actually removing the seatpost ...

Let me/us know if you actually get the frame.
daveornee said:
That's a good link and I've used most if not all of those methods at one time or another, but Sheldon was talking about steel frames there. I'd take the same approaches but be a bit more cautious with a seatpost stuck in a carbon fiber frame. Specifically the torch method and prying apart the "ears" on the seat lug with a screwdriver probably aren't very good ideas with a composite frame :)

I think I'd shy away from buying a frame with a stuck seatpost. That doesn't speak so well of what sort of care the frame saw.

Weight Weenies has a few threads on seatposts stuck in CF frames.
Thanks people. I would've bought it (the rest of the frame looked really good) but my wife...and the fact that I already have bikes that are good enough...

It went for $450 NZ when a brand new one goes for $3600 NZ (yep, you read that right) here - which is nuts:eek:

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