Is it possible to modify a suspension fork with a pushlock feature to a travel adjust?

Whats the price difference for the same quality of a fork if it comes with and without the travel adjust function?
I'm not entirely certain about what you mean by travel adjust. Do you want to be able to go from - say, 80 mm to 100 mm travel while riding? Can't really see the point of that. Reducing the fork at the compression end would only have an effect when fully compressed. And if you get there, most people would wish for a bit more travel as opposed to coming up against a hard stop. Reducing the travel at the extended end will change the fork and the head tube angle, almost the whole steering geometry. And lower the BB some. And change your fit on the bike. It would probably kinda-sorta work if you want a FR/DH bike to handle less sluggish on the flat, but steering geometry would only be one of several issues encountered when using a bike entirely outside its intended purpose. If my interpretation is right, then I don't know any fork that'll allow that. And while possible, I can't visualize how one would build a travel adjust feature. There's a fair bit of force to deal with when you hit a bump.
hi, im not sure either. I tested some giant bikes with suntour forks (not my favourite choice). These forks had a small control: the further to the left you adjust the control the fork becomes stiffer, the further to the right, the plushier it becomes. Are we talking about the same thing? I find this featuer better than a pushlock with only 2 options: on and off
That's not travel adjust. Travel is the distance from full extension to full compression. Rockshox for instance have several models where travel can be adjusted by adding or removing a spacer internally. You're talking about some sort of firmness/compression ratio adjustment. I'm still struggling a bit to see the point. But maybe if your rides change character a lot, go from smooth and casual where a plush setting is desirable to all-put bombing down the singletrack where you need to run them hard not to bottom out

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