Is low carb alone enough?

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    In several threads I have been examining the theme of what is the best diet approach for an overall
    health goal. My thesis has been it is the source and kind of carb and the gi/gl level combined with
    the source and kind of fats which make the difference. To look in a more systematic way, I have
    posted articles which try to hold constant one or a few kinds of food sources and see how it
    influences health outcomes, especially to ask if it is total carbs alone and if saturated fats make
    a difference. Along with this is the question of not eating in excess of energy needs and exercise,
    which is likely related to the first. Here are additional articles addressing and continuing the
    thesis. The factor in common with all of these is body mass index as the thing kept constant,ie.
    normal healthy weight with a bmi of 25 or less and kind of carb and fats, which assumes exercise as
    a part of life; especially in the last article.

    CONCLUSIONS--Total and saturated fat intake were associated^ with a higher risk of type 2
    diabetes, but these associations were not independent of BMI. Frequent consumption of
    processed^ meats may

    In the above a high carb high fiber diet in below bmi 25 diabetics was better then a moderate carb
    low fiber diet. With out saying so, but in accordance with other articles recently posted, the best
    combination is low bmi moderate carb, and high fiber diet. One must always keep in mind what is the
    independent and dependent varables in these studies.

    Finally, here is a real world experiment where low bmi is combined with higher carb, higher fiber,
    fish and soy as main sources of protein related to some of the world's longest living and healthy
    people, the Okinawa people.