is my 5200 obsolete?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Callistus Valer, May 7, 2003.

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  3. I've been wondering what this frame was -- if it's a new OCLV why haven't we heard more about it? My
    impression was that one reason the design hasn't changed significantly in a decade (OK, new head
    tube for 1-and-an-eighth steerers) is that it was super expensive for Trek to change all the molds.
    --Shayana Kadidal

    > Is my 5200 now obsolete?
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    Callistus Valerius wrote:
    > Is my 5200 now obsolete?

    You'd do better to post to comp.arch.fpga but as luck would have it I can answer your question. The
    5200 is four generations old and no longer supported by the current sw tools. Eight years is an
    eternity in the electronics industry. I recommend that you upgrade to a Spartan-3 immediately. You
    won't regret it.

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