Is the lack of a rearview a problem for bikers?

Generally I'm going much much slower than other vehicles around me and seeing something coming directly at me with a rear/side mirror wouldn't really improve the odds. I stay out of the traffic when possible, ride as predictable as possible, and look behind before cross lanes. With flow of traffic, I find my hearing provide better situational awareness than the occasional scan of rear/side mirrors (as opposed to driving where it does contribute significantly to my situational awareness especially during heavy traffic).
Nope, most people have ears and can turn their heads if there is a need. If you're concerned about approaching traffic from behind, you should look into one of the radar systems.
Nope. Having ridden a lot at night I appreciate the fact I can most times tell if cars are coming from behind and their position by their lights. I actually feel safer riding at night on the road all lit up like a Christmas tree.
Is the lack of a rearview (mirror, radar, glass, etc.) a problem for bikers?
I really would like to have a camera pointing backwards under my seat (or maybe on a helmet?), and a viewing display on my handlebar stem. Ideally, the display would alternatively act as a speedometer and a GPS/map.

I would not rely on listening because above a certain speed, EVs are silent and their number is growing.

Seeing backwards would certainly increase confidence if you have to be around cars.
It became a problem when when I started using helmet mirror. That's when I realized the huge safety benefits of having rear view.

Before I started using mirror, I always looked behind by turning my head before changing lane, etc. But will never be as good as having mirror on your helmet. On urban commutes, it's a big yes to have some sort of rearview than just turning your head backwards. Even if you never do urban commutes, there's still a chance your rides will take you in more crowded situations.

As well as occasionally an odd vehicle coming from behind who looks like he wants to drive you off the road. You'll never know unless you turn your head or has mirror. But do you turn your head to the back every time you hear a vehicle approaching from behind? I doubt everyone does it all the time.
I look behind me quite often as I ride traffic or not , because I do not completely trust my hearing and as said above -electric and hybrid cars are quieter and we have to depend on the sound of the of the tires on the pavement or the whistling of air over the car. (imaginary?)

Also am expecting E - bikes might be coming up from behind. Don't like surprise company either E or naturally aspirated.
or the whistling of air over the car. (imaginary?)
That's the probably the sound of the electric motor or the fans or faulty bearings in one of the pulleys in the engine:)

Airflow rushing over a car does produce an audible noise but the noise is similar to the noise of the tires rolling against pavement, only less louder.

Anyway, you'll never know the difference until you tried mirror. I also look behind often and got real good at it, before going mirror. Helmet mirror is best and I won't go back to not having mirror no matter how goofy/nerdy/commuter it looks!
I believe that a raer view mirror adds a significant level of safety. I use both a bar end mirror AND a helmet/eye glasses mirror.

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I wear a rear view mirror attached to my sunglasses. This is nice to see cars maybe a quarter mile behind you. But if you have a bike lane or little traffic you will find that you simply listen for traffic. This is especially so on mountain twisting roads where you can't see back anyway. When I ride in the cities at moderate speeds it handy to be able to see traffic approaching from some distance behind.
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