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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Kongo Bongo, Jul 3, 2003.

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  1. Kongo Bongo

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    ...on one of the euro RR pro teams? Just curious...

    Bye, KB

  2. Bensharp13

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    [email protected] (Kenny) wrote in news:[email protected]:

    > I don't have any problems with American citizens. I find them intriguing cause their way of life
    > and their mentality there is very different from Europeans. But about that bush-guy and his
    > british pet: where the hell are those damn iraqi weapons of mass destruction where we should have
    > been so affraid of?

    That's a great questions. It's the question people should be asking as opposed to accusing Bush and
    Blair of lying about them. Lying about them makes no sense as the "lie" would be discovered as soon
    as the Bagdad was taken. Powel, Rice, Blair, etc... would have to be fools not to realize this. Plus
    EVERY intelligence service in the world (practically) knew they were there (no one ever disputed
    their existance before the invasion).

    So, instead of focusing on the important question of "what happened to them?" (are the hidden, are
    they moved?) people are using this issue as an opportunity to take pot shots. If those weopons don't
    exist then EVERY intelligence service on the planet was duped. If they do exist then finding them
    should be people's priority, not potshots.
  3. On 7/3/03 10:47 AM, in article [email protected], "Bensharp13"
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    >> ...on one of the euro RR pro teams? Just curious...
    >> Bye, KB
    > Dominique Perras - Flanders/Iteamnova

    Michael Barry - US Postal Service Presented by Berry Floor
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