Is there anybody out there?


Aug 11, 2001
Anyone else on this board going to one of the Roger Waters : In the Flesh concerts?
I cannot wait, it's going to be AWESOME!!
Founder member of Pink Floyd :eek:
Two concerts in SA. Sold-out!
Paid almost 300 bucks a ticket!
I'm actually a bit 'p'eed'. I waited too long to buy tickets, and only got standing place. Guess it's better than nothing.
The show was simply breathtaking. When the man appeared on the stage and started singing "So ya, thought ya, might like to go to the show?", I almost started crying. It was surreal, like it was all a dream. Everyone was singing along to songs like 'Another brick in the Wall, Crazy Diamond, Wish you were here, Set the control for the heart of the sun, Perfect Sense, Comfortably Numb'.
Images were projected onto a massive screen behind the band, that just had us all amazed. The sound system blew us away! Man, I could feel those drums and guitars hammering my chest! Wow!
Yep, the man is a legend, and I can now take out my list of childhood dreams and put a tick next to the one that says: 'Experience Roger Waters live'...

Wish you were here...