Is there somebody who have carbon bike from winspace bike?


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Oct 27, 2019
There are very beautiful !!!!

Fully internal cable routing on thewinspace carbon bike T1500. Aerodynamic AND... it just looks cool !!!!


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Jan 15, 2011
I'm sure you're correct. Looking it up I find: " Our headquarters in Xiamen, China means we're right at the heart of the world's capital of carbon fiber production." China doesn't make bad carbon fiber bikes but it depends highly on the specific company there. And one problem is that on the weekends employees will sneak back into the plant and layup frames that have less material in them and are not safe to ride. So you have to be extremely careful what you are getting. This is why I tend to buy either Taiwanese or American made bikes. Trek is very well made - probably the highest quality construction in the world. I like my Colnago CLX3.0 from Taiwan but I don't know if Colnago makes any of them there anymore and I do not like the Construction methods of the C60 line. Using lugs instead of spreading the load of the fork area over a large space as the top line Treks do or as this Winspace appears to do is not a very good idea.

The attached picture is of a C40 Colnago and the C60 line appears to use a different sort of lug but I would just as soon not make a second try.


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