is this 2004 trek 1200 worth it? asap help plz!!


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Dec 13, 2012
I'm new here. So hello all. I'm looking at getting into road biking, as i've mountain biked and indoor cycled for a while now. I'm looking for speed and more of a workout. MTN biking is awesome, but i have to drive an hour to get to the trails and thats harder than just taking a road bike out for an hour. So I've posted some pictures of a 2004 trek 1200 I've found locally. He was asking 350 and by the pictures alone he agreed to take 275 because i would need a new rear road tire, as he says the current one is for an indoor trainer. I'm new to road bikes, so i'm looking for some guidance. Is it worth 275 keeping in mind i need a new rear tire? The rear is 105 and the front is tiagra. The bike is a 58cm and I am 6'0" tall. Here are the pictures and the link from TREK. Thanks for any and all help !!! I'm suppose to go look at it this weekend so quick replies are welcome
thanks again in advance and i look forward to sticking around this forum for a while!