Is this really necessary



Theres nothing more I'd like to see than the people of China, taiwan, vietnam, thailand etc etc
stand up to the Imperialistic Hamburger chomping cola swilling obese filthy American scum that is
trying to stamp out cultures and religions that they don't understand - so therefore it must be evil
- and replace it with hotdog stands, baseball, chewing gum, hamburgers,macdonalds and all the other
so called american "culture" (culture used in the broadest sense, as a country that has less than
300 years of history really hasn't GOT ANY culture).

I hope Saddam unleashes a chemical attack on the dumb yanks and they die a horride death.

Long live Anti- Americanism Long live Terrorism - lets hope a few more Dumb Fat American C*nts are
killed in the next attack.

Okay I'm all for free speech and the right to say what you want on this board but this really
crosses a line for me. Ecce...some of your stuff is downright hilarious and even though you ****
people and usually don't have much nice to say...that's cool. More than once laughed at your
foolishness. But this my friend (and yeah I'll call you a friend...we have the sport as a common
bond anyway) is way out of line. Don't think the moderator had this sort of diatribe in mind when
they created the board. Maybe you do hate Americans (and their so called lack of culture) and more
than probably hate some Brits too (as is apparent by your UK tri flames) but come on man...this is
just stupidity. How can you justify spewing such hate on a board that is dedicated to
buying/selling/and advice for a sport? What's the point. I'm sure there are lots of other places you
can let fly with these opinions and be welcomed. Keep posting the funny/stupid stuff of the past and
keep your hate to yourself. Pretty sure none of us want to see it and the only thing it's gonna get
you is hurt. I don't have the ability but someone somewhere might have it to track you down and lay
down some good old misplaced aggression on you. Unless of course that's what you want..then by all
means're bound to get what you want eventually. But seriously man...I don't think you
need to be booted from the boards for having your own brand of fun...just keep the hate out of it
please. And before you go spouting off about me being an opinionated Yank or stuck up Brit..I am
neither. I am Canadian. So now you have a whole other country to hate. You probably don't want my
opinion and I'm sure you won't listen to it anyway..but I couldn't let this one go by. There is no
need for this kind of hate..anywhere.

Kent Parkinson just so you know I won't hide from anyones rebuttal


My friend, you are just giving this pathetic soul exactly what he craves.


Please ignore him.

Dr. Steven Walk

I've got to agree with Cliff on this one. Ignore the sod.

[email protected] (Cliff) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
> My friend, you are just giving this pathetic soul exactly what he craves.
> Attention.
> Please ignore him.

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