Isabel Marant Shoes Will Continue


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Oct 19, 2015
Hot discontinued item to sell on eBay The eBay marketplace is its own little universe, but the rules are the same as in any other marketplace the more scarce an item is, the more consumers will pay. Discontinued items can bring a high price on eBay, sometimes ridiculously high, especially if the item is a consumable item isabel marant shoes sale that people have grown to love in their daily routine. Health and beauty products often fit this bill.
One of the latest hot discontinued health and beauty products selling for a premium on eBay is Tigi Catwalk CurlsRock curl booster. This is a hair product that defines curls, tames waves, and adds texture and shine. It comes in an aerosol spray can and weight is 7.7 ounces. It basically feels like regular hair spray. Consumers with naturally fine, frizzy, Isabel Marant or wavy hair like this product because it gives them curl with control without weighing their hair down or making it feel sticky. Online reviewers state they love the fresh scent, ease of use, and smoothing effect it has on unruly hair.
Tigi Catwalk Curl Booster is mostly being sold in lots on eBay. The highest price sale in the past 90 days is for a lot of 10 cans that sold for $159 with free shipping. Another lot of 6 cans sold for $117.88 with free shipping. The highest price for a single can was a listing that ended on September 24 and sold for $17.98. As the product becomes more and more scarce or HTF (hard to find in eBay lingo), the price isabel marant shoes will continue to increase.
The law of supply and demand is at work here the less there is of something the more it is worth. If you are able to find this item at closeout stores like Big Lots, dollar stores, or on clearance in grocery or drug stores, buy and hold. This product does not have an expiration date so there is no reason for a fast flip. Always try to be the last seller with a discontinued product (expiration dates allowing) to get the maximum sale price. Good things, and higher selling prices, come to those who wait.
Discontinue grocery, health and beauty, and pet products can bring high prices on eBay if you know what to look for and where to find these products.