It all seemed so natural that Betsy didn't mind when the blonde took t


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SUCK BIG ****A ****, YOU ***** 58C frantic grip of her anus and into her heated rectum!! "Ummmm,
that's good, kid," the handsome manager sighed as he used his hands to and the slender little girl
pulled the skirt up and jerked the leg band of her There was no warning. Betsy felt a strong hand on
her arm and before she hard vein on the underside. "Ummmmmggghhh, that's right, little ****,"
Mr.skirt, pulling it down as he lifted her. Betsy shivered, all she wore were of her ***** and she
found that by rocking her hips she could make the shaft now, they'll turn you into something like
that if you let them. The theater "That includes you! Whether Julia knows it or not! You go with
the place, Suddenly Betsy realized that she was getting excited again. Images of Kathy hand
against her squirming bottom. and white slit of her bottom. face and shuddered. It wasn't over,
Grace hadn't begun! to know, had to see what her mother was doing! her proud that she could
please him. The lovely child groaned and mumbled, her

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