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    Oh yes :)

    First off thanks all for the advice you gave a couple of days ago. I've
    ordered a new post as riding on my friends was a lot easier (it has a higher

    But on to the good stuff. After a really disappointing 30min lunch session
    this afternoon I was getting a little fed. After getting tea etc. I thought
    right I'm going to take my uni onto the streets and ride. I was only going
    to do that after I was confident of not looking silly. To h**l with that,
    besides it'll give the neighbours a laught anyway.

    After about 25 mins (usual session length) I was still getting nowhere fast
    (still v heavy on the seat) and then it suddenly clicked! I just got on and
    rode about 100m without any wobble. I found I had been sitting too far back
    on the seat before and just moving forward made all the difference. So to
    check it wasn't a fluke I rode another, then another. By the forth time I
    only stopped because I was so tired :) I laughed all the back to my starting
    point, grinning ear to ear :) Even got a thumbs up from the neighbour on
    that run! I also found my turning getting better as well as there was less
    friction on the road.

    So sorry for going on but I've got no one else to share this with, (I've txt
    my work uni buddy) and I feel so good.

    Oh and found out the sandwich man from work used to ride (he saw us and came
    and had a go) and he said he will join us in the future!

    Thanks again for the inspiration.

    norry (going out again)

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    i wish i could unlearn unicycling and relearn it, just to get that same
    feeling again...



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    I love the sweet, sweet sound of that click. Congrats!

    quark soup - Frood who knows where his towel is.

    quark soup

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  5. tennisgh22 wrote:
    > *i wish i could unlearn unicycling and relearn it, just to get that
    > same feeling again...
    > -grant *

    It's not exactly the same, but just learn a new skill - and you'll get
    that feeling. ;)

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    Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
    Drew Brown
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