It finally happened.... I fell over at a stoplight!


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Feb 7, 2010
I knew it was going to happen one day, I just didn't expect it would happen being in front of 30+ other cyclists. It was a 40 mile ride, I was feeling pumped, riding in the front group with some good friends of mine. I actually unclipped my left foot like I always do, but at the stop I was excited talking about something to my buddy and started leaning to the right and couldn't put my right foot down. HaHa right down on the road I went! It was more comical than anything, luckily no one went down with me, and everyone got a good laugh out of it, which I heard for the rest of the ride.

I know this has probably happened to everyone at least once, from what I heard, so what's you all's story?
Falling at stoplights is embarrassing.

Last year I was leaving my parents house to ride home - it was about a 50 mile trip and my parents were worried about me making it ("seriously, mom, I'll be fine!").

Of course there's a stoplight about 20 feet from their driveway and I was excited about getting on the road, so much so that I forgot to unclip before the red light. Down I went. My parents and wife were watching but that didn't deter me from gettign up and bokkin git out of there, even with a little bit of blood comign from my left knee. More damage to the ego than anything else! :eek:
Trackstanding on a side street, waiting for Granny to pass on the main road, so that I could enter the main road. Before she passed I got hit broadside by a big gust of wind. Luckily, few were around to witness.

Now, how many times have I missed my pedal in an embarrassing fashion, at a stop light, all because of a comely XX chromosomal pairing in a car next to me? Oy, too many to count.
:D I have fallen over 5 times now within my year of cycling. My worst time was with my buddy near my house on our way back home. Coming up to a stop light and there must have been 10cars stopped. (At this time I had only been cycling for a month or so and I didn't realize that you could loosen the clips to make it easier or harder to unclip) We were coming to a stop and I just plain forgot I had my feet clipped in. went to take my right foot off as I was near a complete stop at this point and fell over in the bush's with my bike still connected to me. Car windows must have been down at the moment because I could hear people go..."OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!! and BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" I finally got myself out of the bushes and back on my feet only to see a car full of extremely attractive women laughin at me. It was a great moment in history that my friend never lets me forget.:rolleyes:
alienator said:
Now, how many times have I missed my pedal in an embarrassing fashion, at a stop light, all because of a comely XX chromosomal pairing in a car next to me? Oy, too many to count.

:D I havent had that happen yet, but I have had SEVERAL near: accidents, rear ender's, run off the road, run into a buddy, hit a pole, hit a pot hole from breaking my neck looking a woman or 2...or 3:)
It happened to me while I was practicing acceleration from the stop light. I pulled a little too hard on the handlebars and lifted my front wheel from the ground. My balance shifted to the left and I couldn't correct it in time. And thus came my sideways flop. I'm sure people in their cars thought, "What a NOOB!"
hapenned to me at round about trying to get my foot back in to strap was looking down didnt see the kerb comming over i went in front of everyone id say it was comical to look at ...
I want to learn how to Track Stand. So I forsee more falls in my future until I can master it.

Have any of you all mastered this art form? It looks hard!
I thinks it's happened to everone who rides with clipless. I have unclipped one foot and somehow did lean the other way and crashed over more than once. I always unclip both feet now. It's so simple to just clip both feet back in , that it's not worth falling over on the unclipped side. I've come to like the feeling of being able to put either foot down as you stop.
Guilty as charged! Had the wind blow me over the wrong way once. The side where I was still clipped in. Had the tip over where for some reason, seemed my Legs were as weak as a 3yr old and couldn't muster up the strength to unclip! Hey....sht happens. Tip over free now for many many years!

It's really a rite of passage....

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