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Big Brutus

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Mar 3, 2003
Hi there,

Last summer myself and 5 friends cycled from Halifax in the UK down to Montpellier in the south of France. It took us 3 weeks to cycle the 1000 or so miles. Anyway it was a fantastic opportunity and would advise anyone to give it a shot. (not the uk bit though cause it is a dump even though i live here!!)

Now then we have decided to do another trip - this time in ITALY! We plan to do the trip this summer. IF ANYONE HAS HAD ANY EXPERIENCES OF CYCLING IN ITALY OR CAN OFFER ANY ADVICE THEY MAY HAVE HEARED THEN PLEASE PASS IT ON!!

Plus if anyone is aware of the best method of approaching large corporations with regard to sponsorship then again please let me know!
Dear Big Brutus

Hey man That sounds pretty interesting and I want to know when do you plan to do this trip to italy and can I come along Because it sounds Like a great Laugh, well Back to The Important Thing I was a Sports Officer At my Last College here in London and One of my Duties was to Get Sponsoship for our Sports team, so If you e,mail me on [email protected] I am sure I can help you get sponsorship I managed it for my College I think I can help you get it for your tour, well I have also got a sponsorship deal for my self back in my Athletics Days but now its Finished so I have the Experience of Getting sponsorship so E,mail me so We can talk about it Further well I hope to hear from you very soon.

Kind regards
A H Khadra

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