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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Helmut Neumann, Jun 23, 2003.

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  1. Just took possession of my brand spanking new Volae Club. Man she's a beaut. Had just enough time
    left in the day to do the minimal assembly required and take her for a spin before it got too dark
    out. First impressions are that the bike is quick and agile feeling compared to my V2. It's also
    much lighter. I still need to tweak the handle bar height and seat position and will probably need
    to get a longer stem for optimum positioning. I must admit I was so anxious to ride it that I didn't
    take much time to inspect the weld and paint quality. The only negative at this point is that the
    rear derailleur seems a bit noisy but hopefully that can be cured with a slight adjustment. I'll let
    you know more in a couple of days after I get a few miles in. I can't wait.

    Helmut Neumann Rans V2 Volae Club

  2. bentcruiser

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    Apr 18, 2003
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    CONGRATS! I am interested to know what you think about the bike after a long run.
  3. "bentcruiser" skrev...
    > CONGRATS! I am interested to know what you think about the bike after a long run.

    A long run?? Wouldn't a long ride on the bike be better? ;o)

  4. Seth Jayson

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    I'm betting Helmut is having a good run on that team.

    The wife and I just got back from a 75-miler. I rode one of the new Volae teams, riding with Rolf
    and Jen, who is the proud owner of a Cleam with 165mm cranks, rode her new pony. We did the
    menominee river century. Pretty flat, but some brutal chipseal roads.

    It was the longest time I've spent on a carbon fiber seat and I like that a lot. As for the bike,
    WAY fast and very fun to ride. Nice and docile at low speed and very smooth going quickly. Chain
    line is nicely managed. I noticed that I never heard the chain hit the frame tube even on the worst
    of the bumps. The bike is nice and responsive but soaks up the rough roads a lot better than my
    rocket with a pantour. (We were running conti duraskins at 120 psi on the 650 spartacus wheels.) I
    quite like being able to go about 17 mph with almost zero effort.

    We led out a group of two upright teams for 15 miles and pulled them the entire time, just us
    'benters at around 22-24 mph. We managed to break off a few of them with a sustained push of about
    28, but they had some pretty tough riders who helped reel some of them back up. When we started
    chatting, I mentioned to these monsters (after 12 miles or so) that they could go ahead and take a
    pull if they wanted. The response was "no way, we'll never be able to keep this pace."

    Had a nice chat with them at the 2nd rest stop where a good few of these fancy folks were pretty
    excited to try 'bents. It was a real blast.

    Jen and I are still grinning and remembering that 20+ line of riders behind those lil' 3 'bents.

  5. Just took possession of my brand spanking new Volae Club.

    Congrats Helmut! Good bike choice. I took a look at Seth's Volae bike and it's a nice piece of work.
    Not my kind of bike though, I got a little vertigo from being up so high ;-)

    We'll see you at the Steven's Point rally this year, right?

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