It's only a 90 day ban till they're vetted-if i went to iraq they could easily find out from our gov

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    If I went to Iraq, they could easily find out from our government if I had been involved with terrorist groups.

    For years on end, foreign Jihadis flocked into Iraq to fight. They didn't care about their families or homelands so much as they cared about blowing people up. There's probably no real way of proving where they are now. Records were destroyed. People were displaced. Entire towns were wiped out, perhaps to be repopulated by people who don't know each other. You just don't know who's got terrorist sympathies.

    When Saddam's army was disbanded they stole all the artillery shells, rockets, etc and stashed them. Many of the roadside bombs they attacked our army with were made from an old artillery shell set to explode. That stuff is still there, whereas I could not obtain high explosives to save my life. The people who have high explosives for use in excavation or other lawful purposes are tightly regulated.
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