It's TdF time!


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Jan 24, 2002
Drugs, scandals and finger pointing be d@amned! Come this time tomorrow I'm going to be glued to the TV watching the TdF start. Life is sweet indeed!
Oh yes! Let the real Games begin! Watch Hunter for 2morrow!
it will be great , pitty its ony 30 minutes a day :mad: :mad:, the socer world cup got about 4 hours or more a day at least :-/.

I think the drug scandles lately suck because you hear the accusations but then you dont hear the result...Its no good.
like that italion due with cocain from his gradmas cookies and the one that got it from the dentist. Did this turn out to be true? typical media.

Hey why did RH pull out last year? Will he be going for stage wins? or the Green Jersey ;D. I want O'grady to get that ;D ;D RH can come second though ;) and Zabel third.
It will be interesting because O'grady got A operation on his leg to fix up the problem he had (artery blockage). which greatly reduce power to one of his legs on ocacsions.
Gee, that post looks a lot like

I'm surprised nobody has pulled it yet.

sure looks like it :(

hey where did the jokes section go on the forum? or am i blind? iv got a new joke
Duh, of course its the same. It's actually useful info. Rather than clogging up the forum with useless graphics.
Here's the deal:

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Stay on topic and contribute meaningfully.

Thanks guys.


GG, only 30 mins. of TdF, but 4 hrs of football? And Oz weren't even represented at the World Cup? O'Grady (one of the best sprinters in the World), Mcewan and Mcgee all representing Oz at the Tour, and you only get 30 mins. of it? How illogical is that? I reckon someone in the Ozzie Broadcasting corp. needs to have their head checked.

Hunter was eliminated when he fell back during one of the final mountain stages (I think he punctured) and was unable to get back to the peleton. Zabel looks absolutely awesome this year, judging from his Prologue performance. It should be interesting to watch the battle for the Vert jersey this year.
Don't forget Brad McGee! Came in 16th in the sprints last year and 11th in the prologue today - not bad, but I'm not sure overall about his team La Française Des Jeux. Baden Cook another good Oz rider came in 28th today.
yes vo2 thats all the cycling we get. Only one chanel SBS supports cycling (and soccer obvously more ;) ) so thats all the cycling we get for tdf. 1ce a year another chanel shows the bay series from melbourne. steve you lucky bugger you can watch that ;D ;D.

what coverage do you get over there?

ps: on the news they where showing all these tiny fish that head towards south africa and there where millions of them + thousands of dolphins and sharks following them . that looks awsome have you seen it?
Duh, of course its the same. It's actually useful info. Rather than clogging up the forum with useless graphics.

Chris is right though CycleNut, it only needs to be posted once.
Why not add it to your sig if you wanna promote it, i'm sure heaps of our members will visit it.

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