It's the Pedals, Dude!


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Oct 16, 2013
Howdy all.

I purchased a Specialized Hard Rock Sports Disk 2014, about two or so months ago, and already have broken two pedals (first the left,then the right). I do NOT go off the paved road, so I feel this is poor performance of the pedals under less than abusive environment. Both were broken length wise, so I was able to keep peddling but of course had to get them replaced. I am posting with a request for recommendations of a pedal that will LAST. Let me be clear, I am not looking for performance, I don't care if it's .00231 ounce less resistance, etc... All I care about is I buy it and don't buy another one again. Oh, and yes I am heavyweight, so yes it's my fault, but dang there's got to be better pedals out there that won't snap with merely a stern gaze being laid on it.

Thanks in advance for any serious replies.


P.S. The REST of the bike seems great two months later. Not sure why the pedal is such a wimpy mama boy.
Well, what kind do you want, flatties or clipless? Flatties for Downhill ought to hold up to just about anything. If you manage to break a pair of Crank Brothers 5050, you ought to get a price. It IS possible to wear the bearings out though, but those can be replaced rather easily.
Almost all bike that are sold with pedals include the cheapest, lowest quality pedals that will get them out the bike shop's door after a quick test ride.


Most riders will shortly be upgrading to the pedal and shoe style of their choice. Ones that match the riding type they will be doing.

I don't know which model Hardrock Sports Disc you purchased, but most are are listed as supplied with 'composite' (Read: Plastic) pedals. These are cheap. Let me repeat: These are cheap. They often do not even have bearings in them. They just turn the nylon against the steel axle.

The solution: Go back to your local bike shop and ask them to sell you better pedals. And possibly some shoes to go with them.
When you look at a manufacturer's website, see a bike you like, and look at the specs, you'll see one of two things next to "Pedals":

"Test ride demo"

"Not included"

No one gives you good pedals out the door. Entry level bikes give you those shitty plastic abortions, and intermediate and up don't include pedals because more experienced riders choose/already have their own.
Alrighty then... Looks like I will try and be less aggressive regarding the pedals being ****. Thanks to the three of you who replied. I will check out Amazon for better pedals.