I've entered the 94.7, now what?



I just paid for my entry for the 94.7. I guess there's no turning back now. I will proberbly be thrown in with all the other guys that's doing it on a dare seeing that I have'nt done any big or qualifying races.

I think I'll start traing now. I am doing the CANSALost City this weekend. Will it help me with a better seeding?
On www.highveld.co.za there's a list of events that will seed you for the 94.7.

Event thought the Canca Lost City will count towards your national seeding, it is not on this list ... maybe cause it's flat and the 94.7 not.

The only seeding event that is still to take place around here is the "West Rand Spring Classic" on the 15th of Sept...methinks. As far as I know you can enter it online.

Hope this helps :)
Heyo Mampara. I've got a similar plan on (though prob from a more naive viewpoint), have entered the 94.7 (though it was initiated by a bet ::) ) and intend to use the West Rand Classic as a qualifier. Haven't entered yet but the contact name is Deon van Niekerk, 082 492 1746. Will be tough though, only started training a week ago.
Aish, bad news re the West Rand spring classic. It has been cancelled as the Traffic Dep't upped their fee to close (or monitor) Ontdekkers road. Went from R6000 to R40 000 so the organisers decided to throw in the towel...

Pity, I was hoping I could qualify...
serious? an increase from R6,000 to R40,000 ? whats their reason?

D*mn, I was hoping to do that race - luckily I did ok in the H2H ;D

As far as the seeding goes, they also say "Other results in the National Seeding Database may be used at the discretion of the race organisers."

Maybe the Canca will help you a bit after all ??? ...if not, get enough sun screen ;)
Ahh great, rub it in for those of us that will be out there in the sun. Any idea what an earlyish entry gets one ito starting time? I'm aiming for 3:30 and have a mate to work with but if we have to weave through thousands of weekend hacks this might be a little tough. Really enjoying this new road thing, its so nice getting tired and not falling off (as any MTB rider will testify, you get tired and anything makes you bin).
well lets help you out there is a structure in place called the national seeding index this is the average place you would finish if only 100 people entred ie. percentage.but it only works or comes into play for races over 100km.so if you can performe at the cansa lost city which im sure you will as its a flat course, you can better your national seeding index and therefore be in a better place for your 94.7 look you might still only start at 10 or so but it might have been better than what you might have been. for interest sake what time are you startinmg for sat's race at lost city. that will give you an average to work on taking into account that only 8200 people enter. you can predict your starting time for 94.7. good luck for sat ill be there starting at 7:30 i think well no worries enjoy the ride
cheers. :D
Rhodent, last year's 94.7 was my first big race so I did none of the qualifying races and had no national seeding index. I did enter early though and I think my start time was around about 8:40. :)

I'f I can shake the tail-end of this light flu that came across my path, I'll start in F tomorrow, that's 7:55. My docter (who also doing the race) recon I must see how I feel tomorrow and use my heart rate as a gauge to decide weather I should rather stop or continue. Please hold your thumbs :(
Like Jaco, the 94.7 was my first major race as well. I didn't enter very early and started at 09:00. Only after the first climbs did the "I dare yous'" start dropping off.
My group was a single letter - think it was group Y...or X or Z... I found traffic the most frustrating thing of starting around that time...But hey, if you do ok you should at least have a better start nex time round. Apparantly the 94.7 carry a lot of weight when it comes the seeding people for the Argus. Planning on doing that?
Hmm, don't know if I entered early enough for a good time, but I think I was about entry number 3500 or something (at least I was that number online). I certainly intend to do the Argus and am keen to fit in a couple of other races as well, I think the Tour de Gold looks good and I will probably try my first few MTB races after the 94.7 (been MTB'ing for a couple of years but never been fit enough to race). I'm pretty confident of not being one of the "I dare you's" dropping off on the hills as I did my first long ride on Sunday (out to Hartebeespoort) and really enjoyed the climbs, plus my new'zd racer has a third chainring and I'm a comfortable spinner due to MTB time (tend to go past people pushing big gears at 50 rpm by spinning past easily at 90-100 rpm). So saying, intend to be way past the point of using the third ring by november (still hope to be cranking at high rpm, just tougher ratios :eek:)
the 94.7 was my first big race last year and not having a seeding meant that i started in OE around 9:30 or so.... the worst thing about the race was the fact that i had to go into the oncoming lane to get past the slower riders who have very little bunch experience and often cause the most trouble. saw a guy who was so tired on one hill that he couldnt look up and seemed determined to finish the hill and consequently t-boned a marshall standing over a pothole on the apex... looked sore!!! :p
I've got my seeding for the 94.7 (double A). They haven't included the CANSA Lost City for seeding, or the Engen NECSA, or the Kormorant! :mad: :mad: