I've stumped the mechanic with my rear shift issue.

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    My bad, I thought I was pretty specific, and certainly not ridiculously vague, and I don't remember seeing anyone ask what the incline of the roadway or the speed was at the time of the issue.
    So here's some specificity. I took the photo on a consistent stretch of road where I was testing the shifting.
    I guess I should have switched screens and photographed the speed and watts as well, but speed, incline, power, etc, have not made a difference. Trying to get a clear photo was tough.
    Anyway, I've got it significantly better than it was and a new cassette and chain will come before The Assault on Mt. Mitchell in May.
    The "B" adjustment screw and a cable adjustment to bring the barrel adjuster back from the outer limit of it's range seemed to do the most to help.
    Thanks for your help.


    ps. this is my warm up...thus the low watt average[​IMG]