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    Hi everyone

    I recently got involved with the Jacaranda Childrens Home in Pretoria and discovered that they have a cycling club going.

    They have about twenty bikes in the club, but they have about 40 or 50 children that is really interested in cycling. The bikes that they have are mostly built out of spares that they get from people. These children train on bikes that some children will not be seen on and they are extremely proud of their bikes.

    Some of these children are very dedicated cyclists but do not have the opportunities that other kids have.

    I would like to appeal to everyone out there to donate old spares, cycling clothing or even that old racer or MTB lying in the shed to them.

    If you have anything that you would like to donate you can take it directly to Tinus the headmaster at the childrens home or you can contact me on [see note below] and I will collect it and deliver it to them.

    [Sugarman, I have removed your mobile no. from the post in fear of you been harassed by prank callers.
    If there is anyone that would like to donate something to this worthy cause, please post your message here or reply to Sugarman via the Private Messaging feature. > Vo2

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    Maybe we could setup a simple webpage for this? sounds like a worthy cause to me, what does everyone else think?
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    I'm all for this type of thing...good idea!