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Jan 24, 2002
<br />Good meeting you guys yesterday at Kyalami!<br /><br />You're both looking fresh and ready for next week. Please accept my apologies for not stopping to chat for too long - I was trying to do my body and injustice (Thursday was my last serious interval day before the 94.7)<br /><br />Enjoy the preview on Sunday and let me know if there is anything I should know about!! Cheers.
Likewise !<br /><br />No problem, you were going like a train yesterday ;D We hope we're ready.<br />We'll let you know if there are any booby traps :D<br />
Good meeting you too!<br /><br />No apology neccesary :)<br /><br />We decided to to start taking it easy for out bodies to be a ready as possibly for the big day. The way you rode yesterday you must be going for a sub3 ;)<br /><br />By the way, there's an article in the latest Ride mag that goes through the new route section by section with photos...
I'm a bit concerned for our ride with Jaco on Sunday. Don't know if I'll recover enough to ride the 94.7. ;D ;D
Chaps - thanks for advice in Ride mag. As fate would have it I bought a Ride mag not 30 minutes ago.<br /><br />I reckon I should crack a sub 3 94.7 - I did a 2:38 in 2000 but don't really know how tough the new route is. Also I only got a B start this year and the group will be a bit slower.<br /><br />A week should be plenty to recover - I'm racing the Coca Cola CLassic this weekend and then tapering off until Sunday. Rest day Friday and easy ride Saturday.<br /><br />Right - now where did I put that Ride mag.....