Jacuzzi after Bike Ride?

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
Who else enjoys a dip in the jacuzzi after a bike ride?

I always enjoy a night dip with Gina in the community jacuzzi during the later hours. Very relaxing and fun but make sure the night security doesn't slip in unnoticed. Seems he got a little topless show one night when we weren't expecting him. Didn't realize he slipped in and watched for about 15 minutes. Oh well young guy about 19 and Gina 59, he didn't complain. Just a bg smile as he held the gate open for her as she exited. She returned the big smile as she walked by him in her bikini top

Relaxing and had fun putting on a show for the young guy who got a pretty good view of her bare tits as she rose out of the water several times.

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