jaded and bitter about the bike industry?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Jack Burns, Jul 13, 2004.

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    Marc writes:
    > I'm a mechanical engineer and I'd like to get a job in the bike
    > industry. Are there any engineers out there who work or have worked
    > for bike companies? Can you give me any advice about the experience
    > and knowledge required by bike companies? Any info would be
    > appreciated.

    I don't think you want to do that unless you want to beat your head
    against a wall. The bike industry is low tech and is driven by fads,
    personal quirks and marketing. Very little engineering is done,
    partly because there is no money and partly because the business is
    driven by people stuck in a depressing morass of "poor" people who
    under-sell eachother until they go out of business. This makes it
    hard for even those companies that have solid concepts to compete.
    Most people don't stick with bicycling long enough to see this
    constant come-and-go of companies and products.
    Don't do it except as an avocation. Besides, you'll be totally alone
    with no other engineers to discuss designs and problems to be solved.
    Unless you have plenty of experience this would be daunting.
    - Jobst Brandt [email protected]

    Below is a great story of engineering in the cycling industry. Not more
    sad-sack, you won't make it, I'm so bitter rants.
    "Mating aerospace engineering with cycling engineering, Cervélo has found a
    home at the Tour"

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