James Mcnamara lies, now ducks for cover from USA courts!

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    The below posts clearly indicate Jimmy McNamara, of Chicago, Illinois
    misleading the readership and accusing Alan of wrongdoing. He quickly
    posted a half assed apology to avoid legal action from Alan's legal
    counsel. Google headers clearly indicated Mr. Ariail's Comcast ISP is
    NOT in anyway connected with Jimmy's allegations.

    Apparantly Jimmy McNamara, of the pathetic Linseed Oil Forest Glen
    Compound hastily jumped to conclusions out of digust with his now
    infamous reputation exposed through excellent newsreporting by the HRS

    For full disclosure and headers from Google's Archive regarding this
    matter, email me at: [email protected]

    Mojo - CEO


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    The bolg is down, so now we have Alan Ariail doing an Ed Gin imitation,
    and to thnik I thought he was only a bit player in the HRS blog. I've
    been proven wrong. I guess Alan is bucking to have his internet
    account pulled and have a restraining order issued or better yet be the
    slapped with a defamation lawsuit. Keep up the good work toddlers.
    You are tightening the noose around your own necks.

    Jim McNamara.


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    I am not sure why you are planning on filling a restraining order and a
    defemation of character lawsuit against me. I am not interested in
    playing childish games with you on a USEnet group with flame posts.
    Find someone else.

    I have a Comcast as a service provider and the posts are not coming
    from my account. I suggest you check the details of NNTP-Post hosting
    before you start making online accusations.

    Alan Ariail


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    It would appear that I was in error. I removed my post. Please accept
    my apology.

    Jim McNamara