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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Melisa Johns, Jan 23, 2003.

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  1. Melisa Johns

    Melisa Johns Guest

    I have searched the LBS, and I am narrowing to a Jamis Coda. It is a pretty light crmo well spec'ed
    bike(XT rear derailleur), 700 wheels/tires, rack and fender mounts, and straight bar. I will be in a
    16in frame size, and it seems no one likes to stock the smaller sizes. I'm 63" tall and a 29"
    inseam. The easier to find 17.5" is just a bit too much. The $700 price is fine, but I hesitate to
    commit to by without riding. Any thought other than calling the dealer list one by one?

    Or any thought about what else to look at?

  2. McGet

    McGet Guest

    Greets -- our shop, Trophy Bikes, loves the Jamis Coda -- do we have it in your size? -- no.. er,
    not yet... but come in, give a deposit, we order one in your size -- you test ride and if for ANY
    reason you don't love it, we put it into stock and sell it...

    most good shops should do that for mainstream good sellers... you do know that there are 3 Codas,
    the sport, comp and expert... we like the sport (about $539) because it's the simplest and most
    durable, the others sacrifice a bit of strenght to get faster and lighter.... but of course this
    depends on you....

    McG/trophy bikes 311 Market St. Phila PA 19106
    215.625.7999 open 11-7 mon-fri 9-5 sat&sun www.trophybikes.com
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