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  1. Jan Drew take note!

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    >> They have changed the exam completely since 1992. If your cousin has been practicing for more
    >> than 5 years he/she can apply for licensure by credentials if there is reciprocity between
    >> California and New York. You will need to check on this. If not your cousin is out of luck for
    >> now and will have to take the boards again. And if that is the case you can thank ADA and state
    >> components for not doing anything about this. They just like to take your dues and party.
    >OH, hogwash.
    >First, the state laws in California are not made by the dental association. They are made by
    >inexperienced, uneducated legislators who would make every dentist in the state a public servant at
    >LESS than minimum wage if they had their way.
    >If you really doubt that they want you to work for LESS than minimum wage, just check out the
    >current Denti-Cal fees. And after you're done laughing, consider the fact that the state is SERIOUS
    >about this. They even have a proposal to CUT these inadequate rates by another 10%.
    >Want to know why you are NOT required to print up and give every patient a copy of the "New,
    >improved" version of the Dental Materials Fact Sheet? (Better known in its proposed Dec. 2003
    >incarnation as the "Looney Tunes Dental Material Propaganda Sheet.)
    >Well, if you haven't read the news, it's because the California Dental Association organized
    >thousands of dentists in the state to write to the Board and insist that the new "DMFS" be based
    >upon science, not upon the politics of a couple of political Board appointees.
    >In addition, dental researchers were contacted by the CDA regarding the proposed DMFS in
    >California. These researchers were amazed that a legislative body would seriously consider
    >publishing the nonsense on the proposed sheet, let alone forcing every California dentist to push
    >unscientific political propaganda upon every patient in the state. These scientists sent the Board
    >their objections in writing.
    >Inundated with these letters, the Board wisely decided to table the proposed DMFS.
    >ALSO: Did you have to pay the California Prop. 65 fines, calculated at something like
    >$2500 per DAY?
    >What, you didn't have to pay them?
    >Thank the CDA again.
    >- dentaldoc

    Joel M. Eichen, . Philadelphia PA



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