"Jan is doing fine, even went line dancing tonight!"

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    Date: 1999/06/26
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    >Proof, Smoof, Studies, Smuties.
    >*** Right! Who needs facts and proof?

    Some studies are quite ridiculous, like the one that states
    that diet and sugar have nothing to do with a child being

    Just believe any quack you come

    The only ones I have found are MD's.

    How would you know anyway, how much experience
    >: have you had?
    >*** And your experience came from a Day Care Center of
    >all places.

    What are you talking about? We are talking of bowel
    problems. Has nothing to do with a day care center. And,
    what do you know about quality day care?

    You don't know zelch about any of the items listed in the
    >: cleanse, they might possibly work for your mouth!
    >*** More childish nonsense from poor, sick old Jan.

    Well, Jan is doing fine, even went line dancing tonight!
    Guess that tells you something about my feet..

    : I wasn't posting to you anyway. Some people here have
    : some "common
    >sense", so
    >: bug off and let others make up their own minds.
    >*** Anyone with any common sence would skip all your posts
    >Jan, after reading just a few.
    > Carol...

    Looks like you are still reading them, so I guess you don't
    have any common sense.. With all the pretent information
    that your posts contain, you have a lot of nerve in saying
    anything about anyone's posts!

    Jan </quote>


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