Jay's new Electra Amsterdam "Fred": a Dutch city bike is reborn inChicago

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> Jay wrote:
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> >> Jay wrote:
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> >>> And my bum gets a little sore late in the day. But IMO, one must *earn* a
> >>> new Brooks saddle. Wimps buy whatever else, often at greater cost, and
> >>> shorter life. Brooks saddles are an acquired taste.
> >> That's the mantra, just keep chanting.
> >>

> > Peter, really...I am disappointed. I expected better from you. My 2 yr old
> > Brooks saddle on my folder will probably last a lifetime. I suggest: If you
> > and my friend LO are on the same page, turn the page (but don't tell LO).
> >
> > After a brief break in period, my handsome 2 yr old B17 is tradition and
> > beauty rolled into one. A work of art.
> >
> > Please reconsider. If you and LO agree, can this possibly be a good thing,
> > for your RBT reputation?
> >
> > For me, I just don't care, since I have already been branded a 'wingnut'.
> > But I kind of like it.
> >
> > Wingnut J.
> >
> >

> Brooks saddles seem to have either lovers or haters.

It may seem that way. The state of affairs is otherwise.

> I'm a hater, but I
> know many lovers. When I hear someone say a Brooks must be "earned"
> through discomfort, my suspicion is that they are a hater who haven't
> realized it yet.
> Other than comfort, I don't have any expectations from a saddle. I don't
> particularly like the way Brooks saddles look, nor do I care for their
> fussiness, heft or price. I might tolerate all that if I found them
> unusually comfortable, but to me they're crippling.

Michael Press
"SMS" <[email protected]> wrote in message

I'm at the Taipei Cycle show and there are quite a few Dutch commuter
bicycles here, including some real hauler type bikes." The response to
"are you selling in the U.S.?" is always the same, "no, no shops will
take the risk." They sell a lot of units to visitors to the
Netherlands who ship them back.

Still waiting for my SM+ tires. The rest of the spec'ed stuff is installed.

I am riding like a crazed fool. Rode home from downtown the other day, just
because I could, bypasssing the train and commuter bus. Cold rain and snow
flurries in Chicago at this time of year.

Andre Jute wrote:
> ...
> I sit comfortably on a Cheeko90 which has no nose; the makers of
> Cheeko are earning my money but damn sure not by causing me pain!
> Andre Jute
> Am I really the last hedonist? Or is just that cyclists are drawn
> exclusively from among the sado-masochists?

I find a seat like this the most comfortable for riding:

Tom Sherman - Holstein-Friesland Bovinia
The weather is here, wish you were beautiful

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