JD, is this you? severe crash report



One of the things I noticed about MTBers, that have MTB'd for some
time, is that they think they're super-beings, and on a new trail they
never ridden before, they ride it like they have, many times. This is
what causes crashes and permament/serious injury. I never crash bad
enough to get injurys, mainly, because I never ride a trail at full
performance, until I have ridden it fully at least one time, so I know
what it has. The times I have crashed was because I knew the trail and
was trying to progress myself higher to the next level of increasing
speed and timing, but always knowing how I'll fall if I fall, because I

have previously experienced the trail. JD attacked this trail as if he
has ridden it before, and the results is serious injury from crashing.
Bad judgement in my opinion, but hey, he's from Ohio, and I'm from
Wisconsin, clearly, Wisconsin people are smarter. Muhwahahah!


......2 down 1 to go. Prepare for The Gash. We rode another ridge line
for awhile and then Angryman turned left and headed down the final DH.
This looked to be the easiest of the 3. I made the turn at the top and
headed down. I remember thinking that I made it down. The next think I
saw was looking up at JD as I was gasping for air. I had no time to
react. I flew left off my bike as I had apparently hit a dip at the
bottom and went right of the trail and flew off the right side of my
bike taking the impact with my face and shoulder. JD was asking me the
standard questions(can you feel this, can you feel that, any pain here
or there etc...I regained my air and asked JD how bad my face was. He
said there was nothing deep. I had all my teeth which was good news. He

then tells me that he had crashed hard there awhile back and broken his

helmet. He said in my case that a less fit rider would have been in the

hospital. The damage: broken helmet, concussion, face scraped on right
side, bruised ribs, strained back muscles. This kind of accident makes
you think. I was lucky to have not broken anything. I rode back to the
car(now I don't remember riding back) and nursed my injuries. I
contemplated flying home but by Friday I was riding again. - Moab