Jello Magic Window Desserts

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    Here's something I came across recently by accident.

    Jello Magic Window Desserts

    Jello in prepacked little cups garnish: whipped cream or
    yogurt, fruit and even Cheerios

    We have tons of those little bowls and plates with Nemo,
    Scooby Doo, and Barbie pictures on them. Well, the other day
    we had Jello for dessert. I discovered that if you buy the
    Jello in the prepacked little cups, you can remove the whole
    cup of Jello. If you put the Jello in the center of the picture-
    bowl and surround it with whipped cream or yogurt, fruit and
    even Cheerios, you can present the dessert as a "magic
    window" in which the kids can see through the Jello to their
    favorite character. I have two kids so I actually cut the
    Jello in half across the middle. They love the whole "magic
    window" presentation and devour their dessert.

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