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Don Whybrow

Paul Boyd wrote:
> Señor Chris said the following on 04/03/2007 16:19:
>> Has anyone suggested 'cars' ?

> They've changed the page - now there is only a selection to choose from,
> and cars are not one of the choices. Every choice available (except
> caravans & 4x4s) seems to have more right to use the roads than cars!

Such a well designed page that they seem to have missed any mechanism
preventing multiple votes.

Don Whybrow

Sequi Bonum Non Time

They used dogs. They used probes. They used cardio plate
crossoffs. They used teepers. They used bribery. They used
stick tites. They used intimidation. They used torment. They
used torture. They used finks. They used cops. They used
search and seizure. They used fallaron. They used betterment
incentives. They used finger prints. They used the bertillion
system. They used cunning. They used guile. They used
treachery. They used Raoul-Mitgong but he wasn't much help.
They used applied physics. They used techniques of criminology.
And what the hell, they caught him. (Harlan Ellison, "Repent,
Harlequin, said the Tick-Tock Man")


Nick Kew wrote:
> On Sun, 04 Mar 2007 12:45:15 +0000
> Paul Boyd <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Just heard a trailer on Radio 2

> When did Radio 2 *ever* put out anything other than mindlessness?

The Reggae show is quite good.

if you like reggae

Andy Morris


Love this:
Put an end to Outlook Express's messy quotes

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Paul Boyd

On 06/03/2007 00:44, AndyMorris said,

> The Reggae show is quite good.
> if you like reggae

Oh yes! A bit of 70s/80s dub always goes down well as well.

Paul Boyd