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Jul 6, 2004
the German tv channel ZDF had an interview with Jesus Manzano earlier in the week. It's similar to the interview he had last year, but still some interesting points.,1872,2307211,00.html

a recap of what he says: (apologies for any poor translations):

*during his first year at Kelme he allegedly took a Feminine hormone called HMG. When used by men, it stimulates the testicles to produce more testosterone. To that he was given a very small amount of Cortisone.*

*As well as this, he was given EPO, Salice and Genotonol (growth hormones), HMG and Testosterone. EPO was known as "Pelas", which was a colloquial term for pesetas.*

*similarly to the information from ***** Voet's 'Breaking the chain', these substances would be recorded by the team through the use of symbols/asterisks. instead of actually writing down the name. Furthermore, abbreviations were used to signify the chief team doctor (Dr Eufemiano Fuentes), who was allegedly responsible for determining what substances each rider took*

*Manzano was apparently never told what substances he was given until later, or told of any potentially damaging consequences they might inflict*

*Manzano feels that his body changed as a result. According to him, he was given considerable doses of EPO in 2002 and 2003. "You were never tired, you felt extremely active and full of power, like a motorcross bike. As EPO increases the oxygen intake in the blood, you were able to train longer. The fat content in the body sinks."*

*Manzano had to learn to use syringes and claims he could do it better than the doctor. "You received blue marks, and therefore bruises. in cycling, riders wear arm/leg warmers to protect themselves from the cold, and sometimes they had to wear it, because they had a bruise. if you inject in the ankle area, or under the sleeve, then it's not visible, as riders wear gloves.*

*according to him, he was only ever tested during competition after a stage win or random selection, and even then there was ways to avoid a positive test. "With Testosterone you must stop taking this four days before. With EPO it goes as follows: Before a big race you let twelve days go by, without injecting any EPO. This is then no problem. I never had a problem, even with the 'vampires' (who I presume would be the testers). We knew here in spain when they would be coming. The employee co-ordinater, who enforced the controls for the UCI, was good friends with our team doctor Rodriguez. he'd automatically call, and we knew that a tester would come on the following day"*

*On avoiding positive urine tests:"there was a method with corn, that would be inserted in the opening of the penis. These grains, which looked like grains of rice, have been produced in the secret work of sports doctors. The particle in the grain falsified the urine reading"*

*on blood doping:"At Kelme there was transfusions with your own blood. During EPO intake, your Heamotacrit level climbed up to 56%. Then your blood would be extracted and two bags would be filled with half a litre each. At the grand tours, the process was as follows: At the beginning they'd give you the first blood transfusion. The second preserve would then be picked up, and on the tenth day approximately, when you felt fatigue etc, this would be administered."*

*On using the blood of his family members: "in 2003 Dr Rodriguez asked my wife whether she could take EPO and then extract her blood. However women have a low heamotacrit level due to Menstruation, and her blood is therefore not so suitable. Due to this, they asked a cousin of mine." Manzano made clear that he did not allow this to happen.*

*on how riders discuss doping cases and events among themselves:"medicine is always a step ahead of anti-doping controls. If it is detected, then it's always a mistake, an inadvertance".*

*on his collapse during the 2003 tdf: "after the spanish championships, I travelled from Madrid to Valencia. There, two bags of blood was extracted, and after approximately a day I was given a transfusion. strange, that they gave me blood so quickly after the extraction. The other bag was preserved for the Tour de France. Here I had a problem with Oxyglobin, a canine heamoglobin, which doctor rodriguez had given me. When I exited the tour, I was feeling bad. My blood sac was still there, but I had not intended to have it transfused. Due to the heat in France, the preservation of the blood reserves was not guaranteed, and was no longer in order. The director then convinced me to travel down to Valencia by train. They began to administer the transfusion. I received symptoms such as shivers, fever and impaired vision. I no longer knew where I was."*

an interesting read. Not sure if any of it true, but it really would be quite a feat for him to have fabricated all that...

Bjorn P.Dal

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Apr 29, 2005
is there any new data to this case? didn't manzano deliver plenty of evidence against kelmes doctor, was there ever any case?


Sep 20, 2004
Sure. It was buried just like all doping cases are.

The cannot cancel the business model.

Advertisers could not sell product.

The Kelme case went into the same circular file as did:

Balco, Cofidis, TVM, Festina, PDM, USPO, Lance's Actovegin & insulin, Phonak, etc....

Professional athletes use illegal drugs. It is accepted.

Only naive fans think otherwise.

Bjørn P.Dal said:
is there any new data to this case? didn't manzano deliver plenty of evidence against kelmes doctor, was there ever any case?