Jim McNamara Caught in the Act video or DVD

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    New hot video item for sale at the Johnny NoCom web Superstore.
    The Jim McNamara Caught in the Act video or DVD for $10.95

    This classic Jimmy Mac video captures Jim McNamara in all the typical episodes
    he is famous for.

    Some of the highlights of this classic Jimmy Mac video are:
    • Jimmy Mac doing the linseed oil shuffle while pouring a bottle of linseed
    oil down a catering truck engine at night time.
    • Jimmy Mac trying to ride his asshatchet when the leather slither gets
    crammed up his you know what.
    • Jimmy Mac terrorizing the internet cycling community by sending out nasty
    viruses to thousands of innocent newsgroup members.
    • Jimmy Mac as he craps in his pants when he gets passed by every lowracer
    in the city.
    And best of all, watch Jimmy ramble on incoherently at his keyboard posting
    non stop dribble while taking large doses of meds.

    This item is expected to sell out so place your order soon. Item # FU-JM-

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