Jim Redd to ride SLC to Boise, New Riders Challenge Jim

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  1. Attn Mayors' Ride Readers:

    Our fun stories from the two (and three) wheel road are set to bring an even more exciting feast
    to your eyes soon this summer as Jim Redd just announced that he will ride the Salt Lake City to
    Boise leg of our relay. And talk about fun, this guy knows how to create adventure where none
    before existed. Like Jim Muellner, people love this guy. In his eyes they see fun and they want to
    be part of it.

    A world class happiness seeker, if Jim isn't on his bike on Chicago streets or riding a train to
    California for a cycle tour of the coast (he's going to be out here again at the end of July and
    were trying to get him to stay for or Fest, here is a slide show of his last Hwy 1 tour
    http://www.cyclechicago.org/pocketmail/gallery/pchgallery.php), or out on his boat, he's traveling
    with his wife Marshia in Ecuador. All this of course in between all the non profit work he does
    (including being one of our NBG directors), the web pages he creates, the restaurant he runs, the
    Chicago Critical Mass that he is very active with and etc, etc.

    Nor could there be a better man for the job at hand. Last year Rocky Brown rode this leg and long
    time readers will recall one key word that underscored Rocky's travels: HEAT. While Rocky's exploits
    talked about how he muscled thru record breaking temperatures and fierce winds, Jim will be sure to
    find other unprecedented experience out in the middle of the desolate nowhere that much of this leg
    has to offer. We might even get to go deep inside the thoughts of one very grand achiever himself,
    who knows he might even invent more games for us to wonder at. I can't wait for Jim's fun to begin!

    In the words below, you will see Jim, Chris & Bryon as they head for Salt Lake where they as well
    are being tortured by the HEAT. As well you will see Jim tease me for not correctly remembering the
    difficulty of the present terrain they are working through. Well all I can say is that when I rode
    that stretch, I was greatly distracted by the sickness that resulted from my drinking the water I
    had found in a roadside trough. Even tho I was dizzy and threw up and much of the way, I still rode
    130 miles so I guess I convinced myself it was flat. Not to mention the fact that I was going the
    opposite direction and what was down for me was up for them. Well, at least Jim doesn't have
    altitude working against him any more. First you will read Bryon, then Chris, then Jim:


    Utah here we come

    Hello from Dinosaur, CO - 90 miles from last night's stop in Craig, CO. Thanks to good karma from
    the Craig, CO fairgrounds people for letting us use their big red barn for a place to sleep. We
    spent the night serenaded by horses whinnying in anticipation for a barrel racing event held today.
    After a cool morning riding the rolling hills surrounded by antelope herds and prancing mule deer,
    we spent a hot afternoon trudging up the rollicking hills to come. A well-coordinated group of cows
    provided some humorous relief.

    Our next stop, the one building town of Massadona thankfully consisted entirely of a bar and grill.
    After a short break, we headed off again into the hot and the hills, with Chris cursing the sun (how
    fickle), Jim providing great stories from his eventful life, and me wishing I hadn't opted for that
    second beer.

    Last leg into Dinosaur went slow but steady. We're camping in the clean city park, guarded by Art,
    the 81 year old unofficial sheriff of the town. He has a card to prove it, although the mayor (a
    least that was the gossip at the Loaf n Jug) has no idea how he obtained it. Goodnight!


    Very pleasant night in Dinosaur, CO. Perfect temps and sunny this morning. Once Bryon gets his bike
    fixed we're off to Vernal and Duchesne, UT.

    Rte 40 has been pretty nice so far. Clean, wide shoulders, which is good because of the rumble
    strips Jim discussed in earlier mail. However, we know from living here that 40 in Utah isn't nearly
    as rideable, so we are headed north from Duchesne into the mountains. Less traffic, but also fewer
    places for food & water.

    After a few miles of wide shoulders, Rte 40 has now reduced us to 12 inch edges on the side of the
    road. Traffic has also picked up considerably. Jim broke a weld on his bike seat so we will be
    searching for a welder in Vernal today. Hope to make it to Dushesne by tonight.

    Vernal: Update: Jim found an open weld shop and got a piece of angle iron. Now if we find some
    zip-ties Jim thinks he'll be ok. Then into the mountains again: shade, cool breezes and streams
    (we hope).


    Good Morning everyone: Chris & Bryons are challenging my riding skills. There has been little time
    to watch the scenery. It is good however as our goal to get to Dinosaur, 92 miles, was met. It did
    take us until 8 PM to do it.

    Want to tell you of the huge cliffs along the road leaving Steamboat. They tower over the road and
    are filled with holes formed by water that flowed over them millions of years ago. The swallows
    however love them and build nests in and on them. Despite the many holes, many of the nests were
    built with mud just like they did on my barn.

    We saw herds of antelope and several mule deer. I was amazed how quickly they could blend into the
    brush. One buck stopped behind a bush the only thing showing was his horns. If I had not watched him
    he would have be invisible.

    Bryon pointed out the beautiful flowers blooming on the Prickly Pear cactus. They are not large
    plants here. What surprised me is seeing milk weed in bloom. They have beautiful flowers and grow
    right along the road in the driest soil imaginable.

    We camped in the local park and the only downer was the sign in the bathroom that said water heater
    out of order. So despite how hot we were during the day, the cold shower was a waker upper. But we
    all did it and when it was over it felt good.

    Who ever said that after the mountains it was a piece of cake should be shot, Laura I don't mean
    you. Martin I think you need to do this ride again to remind you of its challenges. We cycled up
    some of the longest hills on the trip. And not one or two but hill after hill, after hill, after
    hill. There were some great down hills, but they never made up for all the up hills.

    We are shopping and doing some bike repairs in Vernal, Utah. We are in the Walmart and no one seems
    to be in a rush to go out into the 95+ degree heat and start biking again.

    Signing off. Jim

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    You ca meet Bryon at: http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/bios/bryon_wri
    ght.php While Chris can be found at:
    http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/bios/christoph er_butson.php Their email
    on the road is: [email protected]

    If you want to start from the beginning and/or follow Jim our other NBG relay riders as they move
    forward in the National Mayors' Ride at <http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide>, point to
    their blog at <http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/reports.php>. All of this
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