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A little while ago, you saw Jeff and Peter's foiled attempt to get to the Des Moines proclamation
ceremony on time. Well, here is one of the riders, our man, Jim Muellner, who made it. But as you
will see, he also almost got lost on their trail network on his way to the event. Jeff and Jason
Reser will get us their report, and hopefully lots of the pictures they took, when Jeff gets back to
his home in Cincinnati!. And do read carefully, tho he won't commit, I think Jim is going to ride
all the way to Santa Cruz!! Do encourage him to do just that at [email protected] -- Yahooo!!

Hi You All!

We did it, we had the event just before the rains came. Timing is everything. Lorna Davros from the
Mayors office convinced the mayor he should be here for us, what an angel she is. And her Mayor,
Preston Daniels, is very supportive and knowledgeable about what is going on and he participates. He
made us all feel good about being involved in what we are doing.

We gathered at city hall and shook hands all around. It was fun seeing Jason and Jeffery again.
Though we did get separated early on, we both had a great experience getting to Des Moines.

This morning in an attempt to meet up with Josh Lukins, the event organizer at Bike World, I hopped
on the trail and unfortunately made a couple of wrong turns and wound up taking a 20 mile unexpected
tour of Des Moines. There is some construction going on and I was rerouted and so turned around that
when I saw the gold dome of the capital again I headed it for it and essentially restarted my ride.
By now it was 10:30 AM, the time I had planned to be at Bike World. I really had to book it to get
to Bike World so we could start our ride to City Hall. I know the Des Moines riders who read this
will say. "Is this guy really going to find his way to the west coast?" Like Daniel Boone I have
never been lost, just bewildered for a few days, today was one.

The city is very friendly, there was a concert along the river where the Shemekia Copeland group
played and sang for us. The crowd loved her.

Des Moines has a wonderful museum covering the Civil War with lots of artifacts and letters from
the soldiers.

The state capital with its gold dome is very impressive and came be seen from a great distance to
guide you down town.

We thanked the many local riders who rode down with us and our fellow riders, Jeffery and Jason.
Soon everyone was running for cover due to the rain storm and figuring how to get back home. I went
to tune up my trike for the next leg of my journey. With all the good wishes from everyone, from
here it should be a breeze, hopefully a breeze from the east.

Love to all, Jim

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