Jockey wheel Lub


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Jan 29, 2003
What do you use to lubricate jockey wheels, particularly the ceramic & sealed type? I find that grease is too thick to get into the bushes & doesn’t provide a sufficient lubrication surface & that normal bike oil too thin & not long lasting. This is my first time with ceramic bushes & sealed units (the jockey wheels are Shimano Ultegra) & after strip down & cleaning are ready for re-lub & assembly. What do mechanics use?
I've found it's better not to lubricate them, or any derailleur part, at all. If you do, you will just attract grit, and make grinding paste. My experience is limited to Shimano LX and D-A, and that experience is that they wear out before they get stiff. When they wear out (+-10000km), get new ones. If they get stiff, soak them in diesel, which, arguably, you should be doing anyway.