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> > Yes, I had noticed this, too. By accident, I taped that Discover press
> > conference while taping the TdF this year. His response had bothered me
> > until I learnt that Lance took EPO as part of his cancer treatment. If
> > true, I'd image he could never answer the question "Have you EVER taken
> > performance enhancers?" without out saying yes or lying, so I see now

> > reporters are careful to ask if he has ever taken enhancers during his

> > reign or other careful wordings. The NBC Today Show lady Ann asked him

> > this carefully worded way.
> >
> > Dave

> Did you read 'It's not about the bike'? He states that he took EPO
> during his cancer treatment, seeing as that's what it's made for.

Nope, never read it. If it's not about the bike, I'm probably not

Guess that book is a little about the bike, though -- huh?

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> K. J. Papai wrote:
> > I don't think Swart really knows whether Lance took illegal
> > performance enhancing drugs prior to summer 1996.

> Summary from the NZ interview on Sunday (I'm trying to digitise the
> video and/or do a full transcript)'s not that earth-shattering.
> Swart said that there was an "unspoken agreement" within Motorola
> whereby each rider would sort out their doping arrangements.
> Swart admitted to taking EPO in the 1995 Tour and indicated that of the
> 9 on the Motorola team, "5 or 6" would have been taking EPO.
> He further went on to claim that all members of the team, including
> Lance Armstrong, tested their blood for Hct, together.

It sounds like at a minimum Lance knew he had team mates that were using
EPO. That is not the same as doping but not the same as being totally clean.
What if it came out that Lance was not using EPO but that some of his Tour
team did each year? It would be cheating just the same but without the risk
to Armstrong. Just something to think about...

> At no time during the interview did he say that he saw Lance inject with
> EPO, or that he knew for certain that Lance was taking any banned

> > As you know it's all conjecture and the evidence is about as solid as
> > a balsa wood TT bike with pipe cleaner spokes.

> The WADA director-general was also careful during the interview to
> indicate that while there was a certain amount of rumour from high-level
> cyclists that Armstrong had been involved in doping pre-cancer, that
> there was no evidence, nor was there a strong indication that he was
> still allegedly involved.
> Like I say, not exactly earth-shattering stuff.
> And bears out Millar's comments - Swart was already an accomplished
> cyclist and champion racer. His reasoning for taking EPO was "to keep
> up with the cheaters".

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