JOGLE Day 19

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  1. Day 19 ~ Saturday 5th June 2004 ~ Gargrave to Todmorden via
    Colne and Hebden Bridge (Which nutter decided that NCN68
    should include 1 in 3 hills?)

    Gargrave to Skipton was a breeze along the A road. Aiming
    for Colne I navigated by signpost through Carleton and
    Kelbrook over a moor of unknown name. It is not labelled on
    my map as a moor but the fact that I had to walk up a
    section seems to resemble all of the other moors I have
    encountered so far through the Penines, and I therefore
    declared it a moor. Richard's Moor if you like.

    Colne didn't seem to have any cafes or coffee shops and so I
    continued on my way.

    Although my 1:250,000 map is not terribly detailed,
    roadsigns help navigation. For example I assumed that the
    weight restriction sign pointing off the A road would be
    referring the railway on my left. I was thus rewarded
    with a correct turn and I was on my way up to the Forest
    of Trawden.

    An unexpected but most welcome cafe was found at Coldwell
    Outdoor Activity Centre. Then it was onto NCN68 up a
    ridiculous 1 in 3 hill past Widdop reservoir and over
    Heptonstall Moor.

    My guide book mentioned a campsite which is not accessible
    by car, about 4 miles east of Hebden Bridge, however the
    grey sky told me that Mankinholes hostel was a much more
    sensible idea. As usual the hostel is at the top of a
    nasty hill.

    Tomorrow I will probably use Huddersfield as a midway point
    and then continue southwards to line me up with the east
    side of the High Peak.

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