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Seen in the Canterbury Adscene (10p where sold). Front page headline
story with picture

Bike Boys Complete Epic Journey
by Ian Read (reproduced without permission)
These two schoolboys battles against the elements to make an epic
journey from one end of Britain to the other.
Brothers Aidan and Natan Blackall of Shallock Road, Broad Oak, told
their data Tony they wanted to ride from JOG to LE so he went out and
bought three bikes.
The trio took a train to Wick to begin their marathon trek through the
wind and rain.
They followed the Sustrans route route, keeping them off major roads,
and pedalled a staggering 1,184 miles. Theusual route is 874 miles.
Aidan 12, and Nathan 11, carried their own clothing, maps and
eqipment. Aidian had only cycled 12 miles before. Nathan had only
managed two.
And Tony, 50, hadn't been on a bike since he was a boy.
/summary bad weather, hills, miserable, didn't think they would make
it, flooding, proud of their achievment /summary.
Nathan says he doesn't care if he never sees another bike again.
He said: "I didn't like cycling before and I still don't"
Now Tony is investigating whether Nathan and Aidan are the youngest
riders ever to pedal from the tip of Scotland to the Southwest of

Now I think that for three non-cyclists this is quite an impressive
trip. They averaged 43 mpd which is respectable (even more so if you
could see their photo with a couple of front sus probikes in the
background) but Nathan's quote made me smile. One wonders how accuate
the representation was

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